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Using BlockAway, you may browse any website while protecting your privacy thanks to our sophisticated proxy service. It’s a free service that anybody can use and is made to be simple to use at work, school, or university.

The Perfect Proxy Fix! Unblock any website to easily protect your privacy. a cutting-edge, free proxy service that’s simple to use at work, school, or university. Unrestricted internet access – conceal yourself with BlockAway!

Enter the desired address to gain unrestricted access to the internet. Make use of BlockAway to hide!

What is Blockaway?

You may simply access banned websites with the help of the website Blockaway.

Because Blockaway functions as a proxy, it will send your request to a different server and return the results for you to view.

It’s also free or available to you without charge. Therefore, there’s no reason to pay or register.

This website or app is the best option for people who wish to browse the internet unrestrictedly and freely because of the many advantages it offers.

 The most advanced proxy site

With the help of the free proxy service BlockAway, you can visit any website while maintaining the privacy of your personal data. You can utilize social networks and watch YouTube videos thanks to its ability to get around different network constraints.

Our aim is to increase everyone’s access to information.

Why you need a proxy server

Between your device and the Internet, a proxy service serves as a go-between. Simply input the website address you wish to visit to get started. It’s that simple to use. The website receives your request via the proxy, and the proxy then sends back the web content to you. This is advantageous if you choose to:

  • Conceal your identity on the network.
  • Don’t share your internet history with others.
  • Access blocked websites.

Nonetheless, selecting a trustworthy proxy service is essential. Many of them are quite slow, can interfere with websites, and don’t enable video streaming.

BlockAway removes these restrictions. This cutting-edge, free proxy solution can take the place of other online proxies and VPN services.

Key Features of BlockAway

1. User-Friendly Interface: People with different levels of technological expertise can easily and successfully utilize the service because to its straightforward and user-friendly interface.

2. Data Encryption: The data transferred between your device and the proxy server is secured thanks to SSL encryption offered by the proxy. This function makes sure that your browsing data is protected and private.

3. Support for a Wide Range of Websites: The proxy is compatible with a wide range of websites, including search engines like DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Google; video-sharing websites like YouTube and TikTok; and well-known social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Its broad interoperability renders it an adaptable instrument for an array of virtual pursuits.

What makes a good proxy browser?

Take into account the following factors when choosing the best proxy browser:

  • rapid data transport.
  • both anonymity and access to websites that are prohibited.
  • support for many website formats without affecting or changing the content.
  • Extra benefits include quicker processing because of appropriate data compression and caching.

This is a simple list of features that are necessary to help you choose the best proxy browser.

Of course, a VPN service is another option that you can use in place of a proxy site. Nevertheless, a lot of VPN services are premium and intended for business use. In contrast, BlockAway requires no setting and is free.

Key features of the web proxy

BlockAway solves common problems with proxy services and offers all the security features you require for a safe and secure online presence. Among the proxy browser’s primary characteristics are:

  • cutting-edge technology to work with well-known websites.
  • increased privacy and security.
  • Unlimited access to videos on social networks, YouTube, and other video services.
  • Proxy server alternatives for connections from Europe and the USA.
  • There is no need to configure your operating system or browser.
  • the ability to provide pals with a proxy URL.
  • The free version is the simplest version.

The Most Advanced Proxy Site:

With BlockAway, you may bypass network limitations and access social media, YouTube videos, and more. Our goal is to increase information accessibility and shareability for all people by democratizing access to it.

Benefits of Using BlockAway

1. Access to Restricted Content: By directing your connection through servers located in several places, the proxy might assist in hiding your IP address. By doing this, you can access websites that are restricted and get beyond network limitations put in place by organizations, companies, or governments.

2. Anonymity: The proxy protects your online privacy by disguising your true IP address. It is possible to safeguard your personal data and keep your online experience safe.

3. Quick Setup: It is simple to use and doesn’t require the installation of other software, which allows you to save time on laborious setup procedures. Because of its simplicity, it’s the best option for people who just need to browse sometimes.

4. Economical: There is no need for any charges because it is totally free to use. This makes it an affordable choice for people with simple browsing needs, particularly those who are unfamiliar with proxies.

Potential Risks When Using BlockAway

Although you can browse anonymously or access content that is prohibited by utilizing it, you should be aware of the possible risks connected to these free web proxy services. You should think about the following security and privacy considerations before using it:

1. Data Security Concerns: Your IP address, browsing history, and other private information may be recorded. These information may be sold or used for targeted advertising and tracking. Free online proxies might not use safe encryption techniques, which makes your information open to being intercepted by nefarious parties. This could lead to the disclosure of your private data.

2. Unreliable Performance: These free web proxies frequently share their meager server resources with a large number of users, which might result in erratic performance, sluggish connection speeds, or frequent outages. This may potentially have an impact on how you browse.

3. IP Blacklisting: Because free web proxies are shared by several users, certain websites may flag or ban the IP addresses connected to these proxies, making access difficult.

4. Lack of Support: Free web proxies may not have frequent updates or devoted user support. Additionally, these websites are vulnerable to shutdowns, which eventually renders them inaccessible.

The Best Alternative to BlockAway – OkeyProxy

Although BlockAway has many advantages, as a free web proxy it has certain unavoidable disadvantages as well. It is advised that you choose a premium proxy service if your need for a proxy is more intense. When thinking about a premium service, things to take into account are the pricing, the diversity of supported websites, the convenience of usage, and the degree of protection offered.

OkeyProxy’s qualities make it stand out as one of the greatest substitutes for free web proxies.

1. Global Coverage: OkeyProxy offers a network of more than 150 million actual residential IP addresses in more than 200 nations. You will always have access to a wide variety of IP addresses for your proxy needs thanks to its comprehensive coverage.

2. Competitive Pricing:  In comparison to other proxy services, OkeyProxy gives users the most affordable options available on the market, giving them access to a quality proxy at a reduced cost.

3. Performance and Reliability: A 99.9% reliable connection is guaranteed by OkeyProxy. The service provides proxies that are very dependable and fast, making them ideal for use in multi-account operations, data scraping, and other web enterprises.

4. Dedicate Customer Support:  OkeyProxy offers fast customer help to guarantee that users’ problems are resolved.

5. Free Proxy Trial: To give new customers a risk-free chance to test the service, a 1GB proxy is available for free.

How to Open Blocked Sites with Blockaway

A variety of websites are prohibited in various locations, including educational institutions. Nevertheless, using the Blockaway website is a simple approach to get around internet blocking issues.

Website For those of you who desire unrestricted internet browsing, this is provided as a solution. This allows you to quickly and easily visit websites that are restricted.

Having trouble using it? Come ahead, have a look at the entire tutorial down below!

How to use

Here’s how to use this internet unblocking site or application.

Go to Site

The first step, open the Blockaway website at

Enter the website you want to access

The address of the website you wish to visit can be entered in the text field on the home page. Press the “Enter” key after entering the website’s address that has been blacklisted.

Select Server

You can choose from a number of servers provided by Blockaway to access websites that are restricted. Select the server that is fastest and most reliable for you.

Website Access

You will be taken to the desired website after choosing a server. You don’t have to worry about being blocked to view the website.

Bookmarklets make it easier for you to visit websites that are banned.

You can add this bookmarklet to your browser so that you can click on it to visit websites that are prohibited.

You can use the apps on this website for iOS and Android smartphones to access websites that are restricted on your mobile device.

Risks of Use

Although Blockaway provides a mechanism to visit websites that are restricted, there are some concerns to take into account before utilizing it.

Security and Privacy

Blockaway redirects your internet traffic via a proxy server. This makes it possible for outside parties to access and change your data, including private and sensitive data.

Malware and Viruses

Frequently, blocked websites are infected with viruses and spyware that might damage your device.

Blockaway may not always be able to identify and stop viruses and malware, which increases the chance of infection on your device.

The speed of visiting the website via this site can be less than that of going directly to the website.


Some countries internet policies may be violated by using Blockaway to access websites that are blocked.

Legal consequences like fines or internet restriction could come from this.


If you use Blockaway frequently, you may develop a habit of visiting websites that are blocked, which can be harmful to your mental and physical well-being.

If you would like additional information on Blockaway or have any unresolved queries, you can visit their website or get in touch with their support staff.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Why Choose a Proxy Server?

By serving as a go-between for your device and the internet, a proxy service protects your browsing history and conceals your network identity. BlockAway surpasses expectations by offering a dependable, cost-free, and extremely sophisticated proxy solution, doing away with typical restrictions present in other proxy services.

What Makes a Good Proxy Browser?

When selecting a proxy browser, take into account the following important factors: fast data transfer, privacy, compatibility with several websites without modifying content, and other benefits such appropriate caching and data compression. BlockAway provides a quick, safe, and feature-rich proxy experience, satisfying all of these requirements.

What’s New in the Latest Version 2.0?

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