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The most powerful web proxy service is called CroxyProxy. Facebook and YouTube are instantly unblockable through your browser. There are no extra steps or settings needed for using this free web proxy.

Make use of it to quickly access your preferred websites and online apps. Take pleasure in music listening, video watching, and news and friend posts on social media.

To quickly and easily gain secure access to any website you choose, simply enter your search query in the form below.

Free proxy for any device

CroxyProxy uses modern technologies to support modern web applications with ease. It doesn’t interfere with websites as other internet proxies do, and it allows social media communication, access to a variety of platforms including Google and YouTube, and streaming of audio and video. It differentiates itself as the greatest free proxy available because of this.

Your privacy is the primary priority for CroxyProxy, a free proxy. When using it to browse the internet, it modifies your virtual location, making you invisible. Even for older, insecure websites, a secure connection is guaranteed since all data is encrypted before being transferred. Our servers, which provide wide access to websites, are positioned strategically in the USA and several European nations.

Key advantages of CroxyProxy

Improving universal access to information is the primary goal of CroxyProxy. The primary distinctions of our proxy solution are as follows:

  • Access to the majority of modern websites and web apps is made possible by unique technologies.
  • functions as a proxy for other video websites as well as YouTube.
  • Regular online traffic that is completely protected is what your webproxy traffic is.
  • You only need to pass a portion of your traffic through the proxy in order to open a single webpage.
  • It functions as a proxy browser and doesn’t require any configuration.
  • The online proxy’s basic version is available for free.

Key features of the web proxy

Privacy protection:  By hiding your true network identity, CroxyProxy makes sure that your privacy is unaffected.
Shareable links :Links that are easily shared with peers for quick access are known as shareable links.
Compatibility: It works with all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and is compatible with any device or operating system.
Secure access to old websites: you can browse insecure websites without risking your privacy.
Free basic version: Use the free basic version of CroxyProxy to get all of its features.

Basic CroxyProxy features

  • This proxy for YouTube is totally free.
  • Your privacy is protected. Your online behavior is hidden and untraceable.
  • It is quite easy to use. To access YouTube, simply click the “Go” button on the homepage.
  • Shareable link functionality that lets you share links with friends so they can visit YouTube as well.
  • Good compatibility. All popular browsers, device types, and operating systems can use this YouTube mirror.
  • The servers are situated in Europe and the United States.

What is required in order to see YouTube? Simply give our web proxy a try to see how useful it is. There isn’t any additional software to set up or install when using CroxyProxy. There is no need to register or pay for this free web proxy.

Don’t limit yourself; use YouTube to easily and freely watch millions of videos and audio clips.

How this free proxy works

Your traffic travels through the free proxy, which functions as a sort of virtual pipeline, to the intended website. Your true network identity is therefore hidden from the destination website. All traffic to the free proxy is encrypted for enhanced security, guaranteeing confidentiality. This web proxy respects your privacy and anonymity in this way. Your website traffic to CroxyProxy will always be secure, regardless of whether the destination website supports a secure connection or not.

How to access YouTube securely

Having trouble getting YouTube to load or viewing a video? Do you need to protect your connection? Let’s tackle this issue straight away; the answer is CroxyProxy!

This proxy serves as a bridge between the Internet and your device or PC. The proxy requests content from the website when you feed it data, and then displays the desired content. It establishes an oblique connection that lets you safely visit YouTube. There is constant security for the connection. In addition, none of this requires configuration and is completely free.

Still don’t have YouTube unblocked?

Many people today experience connection issues when trying to access YouTube and other video websites. There are four primary reasons you would wish to unblock YouTube:

  • The Internet provider blocked it due to a complaint over the content.
  • The government prohibited it for an unknown cause.
  • You are unable to connect to the YouTube IP address due to a DNS issue.
  • For a variety of reasons, including boosting staff and student productivity, the network administrator imposed access restrictions on social networking sites.

Since CroxyProxy is the greatest YouTube proxy available, it can assist you in avoiding blocks. It flawlessly supports authentication, streaming of audio and video, commenting, and other functions. Proxy YouTube is an option.

YouTube proxy advantages

The benefits of using the YouTube proxy CroxyProxy are as follows:

  • 100% native support for audio and video.
  • supports AVI, HLS, and a number of codecs.
  • supports Twitch and other live video streaming platforms.
  • Both Chromebooks and Android smartphones can utilize it.
  • CroxyProxy offers complete online anonymity without any registration.

The simplest method to unblock any other tube and proxy YouTube is to use this web proxy. You can now refuse to use Internet filters!

 How to unblock Facebook

These days, the internet plays an important part in our lives. We are accustomed to communicating with friends and family, exchanging images and feelings. For this reason, having Facebook unblocked is crucial. You are able to change your profile, upload photos, chat with friends, and unblock Facebook using our web proxy. For safe and quick access, use the quick link located beneath the proxy form. Use CroxyProxy to safeguard your privacy!

The best privacy protection

An excellent substitute for a VPN is CroxyProxy. Web proxy traffic is not revealed, in contrast to VPNs. As it’s all included in the free service, you can even open one website using the proxy while maintaining direct access to other websites, saving you money.

It is easy to use; there is no need to download or adjust browser settings for CroxyProxy. It works with a wide range of hardware and operating systems, such as Chromebooks, Android smartphones, Windows desktops, and more.

 Why is it better to use web proxy than VPN?

With CroxyProxy, you can unblock Facebook and YouTube more easily. Why? First of all, unlike VPN services, it is free. Second, only particular requests or URLs may be proxied usingCroxyProxy; all online traffic from your device is not permitted. Thirdly, you can try it immediately and don’t need to configure it.

Use the web proxy CroxyProxy to unlock YouTube or any other banned video!
Whatever the cause for a site’s ban, CroxyProxy may easily unblock it!


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